This past weekend our lead pastor became ill and for the first time in all the 12 years I have served with him he was too sick to present the message.  So on late Saturday afternoon I get the call.  Of course I am happy to do it and since we script our messages out pretty well, it’s not like I had to start from scratch.  But even still, I had to take some time to immerse myself into the message, rework and personalize it, and prepare myself to share.

So where God’s sense of humor comes in here is that, as many leaders, I am a bit of a control freak.  At least a person of strong opinions and a sense of how things should go.  I just think it’s funny that God had a control freak present the message at the last minute with no time to really control it.  The message topic/title?  When Control Meets Jesus.  🙂

While “control” was the issue being addressed, the answer was found in trusting God.  And since my year has really been about learning a deeper level of trusting Him and just how trustworthy He is, I loved that I was able to really speak to this.  I believe it came out of a deep well as if I had in fact been immersed in the text all week.  I hope you listen to it and are strengthened in your faith and trust.  You can find it, and all my messages, in the sermon section of this blog.