I like to think I’ve got skills. I’ve got this. I don’t like to think about how I fall short. Who does? We live our lives to be capable and independent and successful. And while I know we shouldn’t play the comparison game, I admit I do sometimes. I suspect you do too!

So when it comes to living life well, I often think I’m doing just fine. Ever feel that way?

But then I am hit by the reality that I don’t measure up. Sometimes (many times) to others, but definitely not to the powerful perfect standard of God. I am confronted with my brokenness or my insufficiency or insecurity or pride or or or.

And I realize I have nothing. 

Nothing to bring to God that will make a difference in the decision of my eternal outcome. I realize that all my effort or goodness or skills aren’t enough. And you know what? That’s just fine with Him. He loves us and accepts us as we are, knowing we are in desperate need of Him. The great reality is that He is EVERYTHING and He has made a way for us.

We’ve been invited to a great feast! And it’s not a potluck. So BRING YOUR NOTHING and HE WILL BE YOUR EVERYTHING.

My all-time favorite hymn is not the more popular Amazing Grace, Great Is They Faithfulness, or It Is Well, although I do love all of those. It’s one that has an odd melody, but fantastic lyric and it asks the question, “How can it be that God should die for me?” 

Why would He do that? Simply, because He loves us in our weakness and wants for us to be restored to Him. 

My favorite Hymn and song I invite you to meditate on: 

And Can It Be performed by The Enfiled Hymn Sessions

May you experience the ‘everythingness’ of our God,