Months ago I signed on for the challenge I never dreamed possible. The runDisney “Dopey Challenge” seemed crazy, but I was in. I began training, looked ahead in a bit of fear and nervousness. But gave it my all. Along the way I ran a bunch of other runs, grew in my confidence, and developed some great friends. And now the time is about to begin.

It’s nearly 2am and I can’t sleep. Filled with anticipation of the plane trip in just a few hours. I’m frustrated that I don’t feel well – battling the crud (a chest cold), knowing I NEED sleep to get better. I have worked through foot pain, muscle aches, long miles, multiple pair of shoes and more. And the last days, I get sick. I’m pretty sure I will recover well enough, but it still is a bit annoying and frustrating to say the least.

In any case, I am committed to savor every moment. I don’t want to miss out on the joy of making it to my goal – the event – and completing my goal of all the runs. Especially my first marathon.

So many people have been a significant part of my getting here. While I have to run this alone, I didn’t get here alone. Thank you to all of you who encouraged, prayed, trained, ran with me, taught me, adjusted me (chiropractor), and frankly listened to my going on about it. I tired of hearing myself talk about it so much, but it has been such an exciting adventure. One I never dreamed of, let alone thought would ever be possible.

I’ll keep you posted, pics and all.