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Hope in Unprecedented Times

We keep hearing these are unprecedented times. But are they really? Certainly none of us have experienced such things, but in the span of history, the world has seen famines and plagues and pandemics time and time again. And we seem to still be here. I don’t say that to dismiss the real pain we are all experiencing, but to remind us, we will overcome and endure and come through this.

But while we are in this, many are experiencing fear, worry and anger, among other things. And rightly so. But for those of us who have yielded our lives to Jesus, our response is much different, or least can be. No guilt or shame cast on those not experiencing the peace of Christ. Just a reminder that you serve a God who is mighty and wasn’t surprised by this turn of events.

I’d like to share a few encouraging videos and messages I have done as part of the team at my church where I pastor. We are sharing morning encouraging videos as a staff and then I did a message a few months back which I think is particularly relevant. I hope you find or are reminded of the hope which Jesus offers to those who follow Him.

A old gospel song to remind us God cares for us
The uncontrollable nature of watercolor produces beauty and joy
An illustrated story/lesson using watercolor painting

May you sense the ever-present care of our God during this time. If you desire to pray or seek guidance on how to yield your life to a loving God, please contact me.

Stay Safe. Stay Connected.

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  1. Collene Meador

    Loved this so much!

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