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Songs/Videos that inspire one to see God bigger!

Whatever comes my way I will trust You…

Sometimes statements like that are only seen in light of trials and storms. But trusting God during the calm and joyful times is even more important to remind ourselves to do. It is in those times when we are tempted to forget the very real presence of God who carries us. It is in those times when we may even begin to take some sort of credit and fail to give God His due.

As much as I appreciate the God who rescues, I am grateful that He is sovereign and is mighty and in control in the good times as well. He doesn’t just show up when I need Him, but is with me even when I think I don’t!

The first moment I heard this song at a youth leader’s conference I was encouraged to put a deeper faith in God. To be reminded of His faithfulness is so faith building. It is easy to get your eyes off of this truth and to get lost in your own circumstances. But God is faithful and He doesn’t let go.

I share the soulful cry of this song! I want a life that’s sold out and hungry for more of God. For more than just the same ol’ same ol’. I despise the days when I realize I was satisfied with just enough of God, or worse, more of myself. I want more of God each and every day.

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