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At one of my favorite eateries, Tartine Bakery

I can think of few things I like less than writing about myself.  I am not a self-promoter.  That said, you clicked on this page because you wanted to know a bit more…well…about me.  So here goes.

I am a husband, father, follower of Jesus, YouTube content creator, artist, and friend.  When I like something, I like it – I mean I get loyal to it.  Some things I really like are Starbucks, Disney, and Apple.  I am drawn to them because they are not just products, but cultures.

My faith is huge for me.  I have given my life to serve Christ personally and professionally.  I love the Church and the church.  I currently serve as a minister at Ashley Ridge Church in Summerville, SC. I love to grow God’s people particularly “on the job” on missions trips, service projects, and serving events.

I also love a good restaurant and a few of my favorite places are Tartine Bakery (San Francisco), It’s Italia (Half Moon Bay), Palo’s (Disney’s Cruise Ships).  There are others, but these rise to the top for me.

I recently moved to Charleston, SC and am looking forward to discovering and experiencing it’s charm. At first glance I am already in love with the historical downtown, the trees draped with Spanish Moss, and beautiful marshlands. Admittedly I am struggling to find even passable Chinese food, but I’ve got time to keep looking.

Painting the way I love, on location

Painting the way I love, on location

The coast and inland valleys, bluffs and woods, and now marshes, rivers, and oak trees of SC are inspiration for much of my ‘newfound’ joy, watercolor painting. In 2017 I took up the hobby. It has since become more than that having  been in various shows, selling works and having the online store. I am humbled by people’s response. Please take time to look at my gallery pages.

I heard someone say it seems speakers have only one message they share over and over in different ways.  If that is true then my message is a narrative of persevering through suffering.  I don’t feel I have suffered any more than anybody else, I just have come to realize that suffering and yielding to God in the midst of it is His primary way to grow us up.  It’s a passion of mine to help people move from disillusionment to maturity.

I hope you will take time to look through my art gallery, check out some of the messages I spoke to my churches, and even head on over to our YouTube channel.  On the channel we share a whole host of things we love and experience.


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