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At one of my favorite eateries, Tartine Bakery

I can think of few things I like less than writing about myself.  I am not a self-promoter.  That said, you clicked on this page because you wanted to know a bit more…well…about me.  So here goes.

I am a husband, father, follower of Jesus, minister, artist, and friend.  When I like something, I like it – I mean I get loyal to it.  Some things I really like are Starbucks, Disney, and Apple.  I am drawn to them because they are not just products, but cultures.

My faith is huge for me.  I have given my life to serve Christ personally and professionally.  I love the Church and the church.  I love to grow God’s people particularly “on the job” on missions trips, service projects, and serving events.

I also love a good restaurant and a few of my favorite places are Tartine Bakery (San Francisco), It’s Italia (Half Moon Bay), Aiea Heights Drive Inn (Honolulu), Palo’s (Disney’s Cruise Ships).  There are others, but these rise to the top for me.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Half Moon Bay, on the coastside of the San Francisco Peninsula.  Besides being near San Francisco, one of the most incredible cities in the world, the coastside has such charm and natural beauty.  I can enjoy the daily small town rural suburban life and within minutes I can be in the heart of a vibrant urban environment.  It is truly a unique and wonderful place to live.

Painting the way I love, on location

Painting the way I love, on location

The coast and inland valleys, bluffs and woods are inspiration for much of my ‘newfound’ joy, watercolor painting. In 2017 I took up the hobby. It has since become more than that having  been in various shows, selling works and having the online store. I am humbled by people’s response. Please take time to look at my gallery pages.

I heard someone say that it seems speakers have only one message they share over and over in different ways.  If that is true then my message is a narrative of persevering through suffering.  I don’t feel I have suffered any more than anybody else, I just have come to realize that suffering and yielding to God in the midst of it is His primary way to grow us up.  It’s a passion of mine to help people move from disillusionment to maturity.

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