Disney Marathon Desktop

I am very excited, a bit nervous, and likely a lot of crazy.  But I have now officially added the “Dopey Challenge” to my list of running events over the next few months.  That will be 4 runs in 4 days that will span 48.6 miles and take me through all 4 parks at DisneyWorld.  It will also be my first marathon!  I know that when I jump in, I go deep.  It’s the all-or-nothing part of my personality.  But this is what will keep me motivated and again, I am
excited.  Looking at the training plans and magazine write-ups, I actually am way ahead of the game to get ready.  So the nervousness is more of the “idea” of the runs than the reality of being able to complete them.

The total miles I will have run at official events in 11 months will be 100.3!

  • 5K in February (Cinderella Royal Family)
  • 10K/Half Marathon combo in August (Dumbo Double Dare)
  • 5K/Half Marathon combo in November (Avengers Super Heroes)
  • 5K/10K/Half Marathon/Full Marathon combo in January (Dopey Challenge)
  • 5K Castaway Cay Challenge in January (part of the DW Marathon weekend)

This was never on my bucket list, but I think it will be a great accomplishment.

I am so grateful to God for the place I am at.  All the time as I am running I am thanking Him that I am getting fit. That at 50 years old, I am the fittest I have ever been – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  These past three years have been amazing and I know it is the work that God has been doing in me that has brought it about.