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Hello!  Thanks for joining me.

We are all on a journey in this life.  Join me on mine.  Take a seat…relax…and enjoy the moment.

…Don’t rush away.  Life’s too busy anyways.

Just stop

…and breathe.

I’m generally the type of guy that can get focused and task driven.  So this is a reminder for me too, to just slow down a bit and take it in.  Enjoy the journey and the hope of the destination.

I have created this site to share my thoughts and interests, to cause me to slow down a bit and record what is making my heart sing at the moment.  I hope something I post will also interest you, will cause you to think a bit and reflect on what really matters to you.  And perhaps you might develop or discover a song in your heart as well.  If your song is already loud and strong, feel free to post replies and share.  Click on the “my journey” link to view my posts.

Paul, the writer of the letter 1 Thessalonians, says, “So encourage each other and build each other up.”  Let’s do that here.


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  1. Brandon

    I love you man!

  2. Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister

    I look forward to following your blog. Blessings!

  3. Diane Banks

    I love this man!!

  4. Susan buckholz

    You look great!

  5. Madan

    I am i spired by your story!

  6. Matthew Lemon

    This is so awesome Big Brother. I am so glad that God is blessing you. Francis of Assisi once said, “Preach the Gospel of Christ at all times. If Necessary, use words.” That is exactly how you live your life, and I am so thankful for the wisdom you have shared with me over the years. You have helped me in my walk with Christ in more ways than you could ever think about. Love you Len.

  7. Phil

    Respect Padre.

  8. Deborah Hock

    Dear Pastor Len. I truly have a new admiration for you after reading about your marathons. To see you in person, you are such a humble man.
    Thank you for all of you shared insights that we should all feel akin to, really had me stopping and reelecting on what more God wants from us – to be joyful! (That’s a tough one.)
    Thank you for sharing all you that have.

  9. Cheryl Taylor

    Hi, Len! Looking forward to seeing your painting and following what you’re doing.

    • lenbanks

      Thanks! Glad to have you onboard.

  10. Miakala

    Aloha Len, in your 2021 Aulani video, you mentioned a 4 person cateraman you did with Ocean Adventures. Can you provide a link or website where you reserved this activity? Thank you!

    • lenbanks

      I seemed to have missed replying to this comment. I posted the link on the youTube video description. I hope you found it before this reply.

  11. Josephine Finn

    Thanks for the veido, good job on explaining how to use our ninja air fryer

    • lenbanks


  12. Kay Holland

    Watercolorsnof steeples and churches of Charleston.

    • lenbanks

      🙂 I’m on it!

  13. David

    Hi Len
    Sending you all my love to you guys from United Kingdom and Disneyland Paris big Disney fan your a top guy big Disney hugs xxx

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